A2 Cable Gland

Brass Cable Gland A2

  • For use with all types of unarmoured cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables
  • Mostly used for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Easy, fast & user friendly to install


Size Quantity
16 ECG:A2:BR:16
20S ECG:A2:BR:20S
20L ECG:A2:BR:20L
25S ECG:A2:BR:25S
25 ECG:A2:BR:25
32S ECG:A2:BR:32S
32L ECG:A2:BR:32L
40S ECG:A2:BR:40S
40L ECG:A2:BR:40L
50S ECG:A2:BR:50S
50L ECG:A2:BR:50L
63S ECG:A2:BR:63S
63L ECG:A2:BR:63L
75S ECG:A2:BR:75S
75L ECG:A2:BR:75L
88/90 ECG:A2:BR:88/90